Should Interior Design Be Taken So Seriously?


Michael Greer, Author and Decorator
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Janine Arietta, Blogger,  Interior Designer & Decor Coach




Inside Design

The following series of interior design blogs will be inspired by the book, inside design, by Michael Greer (now deceased). I’ve had this idea floating in my creative humming head of mine for over 2+ years. This book was given to me nearly six years ago during an interior design internship by an Artist/Designer who went to school with Greer at Parsons School of Design in NY. His book is executed with a great deal of knowledge and a little sarcasm, humor and wit thrown in for good measure.

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Think of Julie & Julia where Julie decides to create every recipe from Julia Child’s cookbook and records her experiences. Each of my posts will reflect a chapter in Greer’s book. My goal is to impart design knowledge, personal experience and some fun (thrown in for good measure)! My design philosophy is this: Good design should inspire, and it should not be taken so seriously all of the time. The two of us would get along like chums!

Most people probably haven’t heard of Michael Greer. He was a prominent “decorator” in the 60’s in Manhattan. (Shhh! Don’t tell anyone you heard me say that. Back “in the day” that’s what they were called.) A Georgian born society decorator who reached the pinnacle of his success in New York’s affluent and elitist circles in the 60’s.




His client base grew steadily and spanned coast to coast. Even the late Jacqueline Kennedy, Eleanor Roosevelt and Lady Bird Johnson consulted with him on White House projects.

Greer had a love for antiques and collecting, and penchant for neoclassicism (French Eighteenth Century).  Unfortunately, his life was cut tragically short in 1976, and was found murdered in his Manhattan home.  To this day, his death is shrouded with controversy and mystery.

Stay tuned for the first chapter, piece de resistance. (Yes, I am aware that I did not use capital letters. In his book, Greer uses all lower case. Note the book cover itself).  As my friends and clients often hear me say repeatedly: “Design is in the details.”.  You also have to possess a solid grasp of the rules before they can be broken– and have fun! 



Curious to learn more about Michael Greer? If so, select theses links:

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Author: JAS Interior Designs

Janine Arietta is an award winning designer and ASID (American Society of Interior Designer) Emerging Professional and Allied member. She graduated with honors in May 2014 from West Valley College with an A.S. in Interior Design. She also earned a B.S. in Marketing from Merrimack College, North Andover, MA. in 1985. Janine has held various positions on the ASID California Peninsula Chapter board since 2009, and is recently serving as the Membership Director. Janine received ASID National recognition as Student Representative of the Year in 2011, and received a Gold Chapter Design Award- Student Category in 2014. Janine has amassed over 8 years of design experience in residential, sustainable and commercial markets. She is currently working independently on hospitality, commercial and residential project with budgets ranging from $5K-100K+. Skills and key qualifications include AutoCad, Google SketchUp, InDesign, LEED Green Associate certification, and True Colour Expert certification. Janine is results driven, creative, and enjoys solving complex problems while thinking outside the box. Her design motto is “Good design should be transparent and inspire.” Janine loves social media and you can find her on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Houzz. Janine is a mother of two children ages 11- and 13-years old. She dedicates her free time to her family and faith. In 2016, Janine crusaded on a two-week humanitarian mission to remote regions of northern Thailand where she donated her time and energy to the Karen tribe.

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